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Morrissey collapses on stage tonight.

Singer Morrisey was rushed to the Great Western Hospital tonight after he collapsed on stage just one song into a gig at The Oasis in Swindon.

The 50-year-old former Smiths frontman, wearing a light grey open-ecked short and black trousers, appeared on stage looking drawn.

He said to the 1,000-strong audience: "Good evening... probably," before launching into The Smiths' 1983 hit This Charming Man.

He appeared to be straining to perform the song, wincing as he did so.

Just as he came to the end of the song his knees sagged and he slumped to the stage. Two band members rusged to his siade and dragged off stage, he was immediately followed by his backing band and singers and the stage lights went up, to cat calls and whistles from the audience.

After ten minutes of silence a stage hand came to the microphone at the centre of the stage. "We will keep you informed what's happening."

It was another 25 minutes before another black-clad stange hand came to the same microphone. "Morrisey has left the building," he said.

"Please keep your tickets and you can get a refund or some again if there are more dates."

He was met with boos and more catcalls from some sections of the audience.

"He is seriously ill," the announcer added.

The singer had been taken by ambulance to Great Western Hospital.

A spokesman said doctors have examined the singer and are at present talking to his management team. More details will be released in an hour.



A hospital spokesman said the singer had suffered breathing difficulties.

Great Western Hospital site manager Deborah Allen said: "Morrissey was brought in to the Accident and Emergency department this evening. He has been reviewed by the medical team. His condition is stable."

A spokesman for the Great Western Ambulance Service said: "We got a call at 9pm and were there two minutes later with a double-crewed ambulance.

"A paramedic checked him over and he was taken to the Great Western Hospital for further assessment.
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