Amy Winehouse Hooks Up With George Foreman (One Of Them) ?

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NO wonder AMY WINEHOUSE looks pleased - she's bagged one of GEORGE FOREMAN's lean, mean sons.

A relationship between Wino and the former boxing champ and grilling machine inventor's boy is blossoming.

The American ex world heavyweight title-holder has five sons, all named George, but it is George III, 26, who Amy likes.

They have been in daily contact on Facebook - where you can "poke" pals - and Amy has been gushing about it at The London Clinic in Mayfair as she recovers from her boob job.

One patient said: "His name is George Foreman and he boxes, just like his dad. Amy loves that he's toned and very fit."

Amy's spokesman confirmed she and George III are chatting online but claims they haven't met.