spacenaut (spacenaut) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

B. Scott verbally attacked at Jaimie Foxx's afterparty event. Called a F*ggot.

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From B. Scott's Twitter:
I was just called a faggot by Lewis Dix Jr. of the Jamie Foxx @Foxxhole radio show because he saw me and was confused/attracted. about 14 hours ago

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Lewis Dix:
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***OP NOTE: BTW Jaimie Foxx has shouted out B. Scott on his radio show before, and this Dix guys KNOWS/KNEW that B. Scott is a guy. You can listen to the PROOF here. Jamie even calls Lewis out for his homophobia, this was before the fall out, in June. BTW B. SCOTT is a MALE, people just mistake him as a woman.

Tags: lgbtq / rights

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