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Kings of Leon clash over royalties

Rockers Kings Of Leon are at war over royalty payments - bassist Jared Followill has accused his brother Caleb of attempting to cash in on the band's next album.

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The Sex On Fire hitmakers scored a massive international hit with their last record, Only By The Night, which became one of the highest-selling albums of 2008.

But the success has fuelled the notoriously volatile relationship between the family band, and Jared Followill admits their latest fight is over song-writing credits for their upcoming fifth album.

He says, "We started seriously writing the songs when we got back home from tour. I got a call from Caleb going, 'I'm sitting here writing the next album by myself.' And we're like, 'Oh no, you're not!'

"We ended up going to his house so that when the record comes out he can't go, 'Dude, I'm getting 70 per cent of this s**t.'"

While guitarist Matthew adds, "We basically go to his house for the royalties."

Jared admits he has always found it difficult working with his brother, especially when they first formed the band: "Caleb was really weird when we first started. Everything that I thought was charming about us, he wanted us to lie about.

"For me, it's hard even having an opinion on this band. If I wasn't involved, I can't imagine liking us a lot, just because I only control 25 per cent of it. In every song there's something I wish I could change. Each one of us are like that, though."


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