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1,000,000 Fans!

Paranormal Activity demand website reaches 1 million for a nationwide release!

Sticking to their "1 million demands or no nationwide release" guns, Paramount Pictures announced tonight that horror flick "Paranormal Activity" will expand across the country on Friday, Oct. 16th after hitting the requested seve figure plateau.

Opening in 12 theaters on Sept. 26th, "Activity" grossed $77,000 in only midnight screenings. The studio has slowly expanded "based on demand" finally reaching 159 theaters this weekend and a regular showtime sechedule. With zero tradional marketing dollars and just word of mouth, the low budget thriller has grossed a very impressive $1.2 million as of Thurs. Oct. 8th.

In a statement from the studio, Vice Chairman of Paramount Pictures Rob Moore said, "From the very beginning, we put this film in the hands of the hands and we trusted them to tell us where and when it should be seen. We couldn't be more thrilled by their overwhelming support and we are happy to release the film in every town - big and small."

It's unclear if the studio, which has already made huge profit on the film as it is, will commit to a traditional marketing campaign for the national release.

Tickets for the nationwide release will begin Tuesday, Oct. 13th on the studio's official Paranormal Activity website.


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