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New Princess and the Frog featurette spoils the movie

The new Princess and the Frog featurette (via Metacafe) confirms that Tiana's dad dies and she's carrying on his restaurant dream. There's also a split-second shot of Charlotte putting a crown on Tiana's head with them both dressed up as princesses, so either they stay friends or they fight and make up at the end.

Also, our first glimpse of Mama Odie (apparently modeled on Ray Charles), a crappy song excerpt (not that Disney songs generally have brilliant lyrics, but "What you give is what you get / My daddy said that and I'll never forget" is particularly wretched), some pretty period costumes, and a lot of people saying that Anika Noni Rose is awesome. Which she is.

Is it me, or are there fewer Us in the "Dis gon' be güüüd" at the end than there were in the original trailer?

Here is another link to the source with the word "source" in it, to make the mods happy.
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