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kelly clarkson at hammerstein ballroom last night

Kelly Clarkson brings everyone together: the young, the old, the gay, the straight, the hipsters, the teenyboppers, the Glamberts, the Allen Nation. The proof was at her All I Ever Wanted New York City tour stop Tuesday night, where a sold-out crowd of 2,500 concertgoers representing all walks of life collectively screamed their heads off for more than 90 minutes.

Predictably, the Hammerstein Ballroom exploded into a giant karaoke party every time Kelly tore through one of her mega-hits — and she passionately tackled them all, even "Miss Independent," from her debut album. But the crowd was just as happy when Clarkson visited the deep cuts of her latest album, All I Ever Wanted. In fact, Kelly announced that she just had to include "Impossible" on tour because the fans demanded it.

That I Would Be Good/Use Somebody

Since U Been Gone

7 Nation Army

SOURCE (rest of mtv article & more photos)

NY Post
entertainment weekly
rolling stones
spin magazine

what is she wearing
"... not flattering clothes for her body type"
y u so fat
in b4 fat wank
blah blah blah
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