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Jon Blows Out Kate's Candles

I knew she was lying based on the fact that she made little mention of the money situation earlier. Nice trying to get sympathy Kate.

ET's Mary Hart sits down Jon Gosselin in an all-new interview -- and TV's most controversial dad shoots down claims made by his estranged wife Kate that he withdrew more than $200,000 from their joint bank account.

"I have the proof right here that I only took $22,000, which is my paycheck," Jon reveals to Mary.

The dad of eight says it's "absolutely not" true that he has made it difficult for Kate to pay her bills -- going on to claim that she has 11 bank accounts and made $1 million from her book.

Also in the revealing interview, a visibly-tense Jon tells Mary that he has been locked out of a room that holds important records, saying, "banking, financial, safe, everything is in that room. My clothes are in that room. I just want access to that stuff."

Watch the video to hear Jon's side of the story -- including whether or not his kids were moved to tears when they heard that Jon was trying to stop production of their TLC show.

This is also the one with "What's for lunch?"

Gee, why wasn't this posted? Oh right, daddy issues.

TEAM SNORLAX BITCHEZZZZ. Actually I'd like to see them both DIAF but if I had to choose, I would choose his fat sloppy ass over lies and manipulation cunt rags any day.



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