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Iggy Pop and David Bowie in Lego: Rock Band

MTV Games, Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are pleased to reveal that none other than Mr David Bowie himself is to grace Christmas blockbuster video game LEGO Rock Band – fully LEGO-fied.

Gamers of all ages and abilities will be able to strum, drum or sing along to 80s hit ‘Let’s Dance’. Bowie joins Iggy Pop in the line-up of stars immortalised as LEGO minifigures in the game.

LEGO Rock Band is the family friendly music action game with an unmatched collection of rock and pop hits – no obscure heavy metal in this game! With new Super-Easy mode for younger players, LEGO Rock Band works with existing Guitar Hero and Rock Band peripherals and features all the customisation, humour and building you'd expect from the award winning LEGO game franchise.

Released on Sony PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii & DS, it’ll hit retailers shelves in November 2009 and is sure to be a massive hit with the whole family.

As they say, the Bowie track in the game is the 1983 worldwide smash, Let's Dance. The Iggy Pop song is The Passenger, one of only two songs on Iggy's 1977 Lust For Life album that DB didn't have a hand in writing. However, he did co-produce the album and he does provide backing vocals on the track.

Iggy Pop will also voice the in-game tutorials for LEGO Rock Band.

You can view a video of the LEGO Bowie performing Let's Dance on the Guardian website


Edit: Added another pic.
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