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3/5 of Girls Aloud at the Pride of Britain Awards and Cheryl's Elle Photoshoot

Girls Aloud continue their "Break" by doing stuff together. Again.

Cheryl, Kimberley and Nicola (who turns 24 today) at the Pride of Britain Awards looking wonderful.
I like the girl over Cheryl's shoulder. She looks fun.
The birthday girl looking extra-casper-like but still lovely
Aww <3
More cuteness
All together now
Nothing will ever make me a fan of Cheryl with bright lipstick...and yet she continues to do it again and again and again
She makes up for it by looking absolutely amazing, barely
This picture's for those "I only like Cheryl Cole for her hair" people
Oh, and this one was there.
And smiling...
And generally looking so gorgeous I can even overlook whatever it was that attacked her in the parking lot and attached itself to her shoulder.
Hi there Cheryl's profile. We don't see you much. Also, no wedding ring.

And finally for the lols, Chezza's face (apologies for the watermarks)...
A few photos of Cheryl for the November issue of Elle Magazine UK
I absolutely adore this picture, stunning.
They covered the face but showed the thigh tattoo...I think someone got it backwards
Source: 1, 2

In a shock turn of events, neither Sarah nor Nuhdeen were there

God only knows what they were up to

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