William Blair (williamblair) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
William Blair

Aaron Carter still loves the Duff's muff

Aaron Carter broke up with Hilary Duff just 8 years ago amidst a love triangle with Hils' Disney rival Lindsay Lohan. Aaron told M Magazine that he is still in love with one of them: 'I still love her [Hilary], even now. To this day, my only experience with love was with Hilary, and I'm 22 years old.

When I first saw Hilary dating again, I was heartbroken. I loved her. I wanted to be the only one who kissed her, but made a very bad mistake. I got in a love triangle with her and Lindsay Lohan. But I don't even want to consider it a love triangle, because I never loved Lindsay.'

Aaron wrote a new single 'Let Go' about his emotional ordeal: 'If you listen to the lyrics, I used to love a girl.. sometimes I think I still do, you can definitely tell that I'm referring to Hilary. I felt like I needed to write a song that helped me to let go. I have to, because she let go. It's time to move forward. I'm going to be OK!'

Tags: aaron carter, hilary duff
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