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you must be worse a trillian bucks!

I should on my way there y'all.

Guess who had to cancel their remaining tour dates?

Paramore :( from Hayley's blog:

Hey everyone,

I've kept quiet (literally) for the past few days waiting to figure out how we were going to deal with my vocal cords breaking (not literally). Now's a good time to fill everyone in, I suppose.

First of all, the show on Tuesday was absolute insanity. Such an amazing mix of emotions. We were so excited to see all of you who came out in Pomona. It was weird, because it felt like one of those shows that we did in the fall of 2006. When things seemed to be exploding but it was still really intimate. I've never had such a good time on stage. Then there was the other side of me that was just in pain. After a 15 hour "work" day, 1 other show and 3 meet and greets later, my voice finally gave out on me. A few days before, I had already gotten sick, so it was probably bound to happen at some point. I made it through 7 or 8 songs alright and then, that was it. I was trying to be super positive about it, too! Haha... in the end, it was best that I let it go. Man, I was so disappointed I couldn't be a part of the encore. When the guys walked back onstage, I was sitting backstage in a corner... trying to hide my embarrassment from the crew members and other bands. You guys can't even imagine how good it felt to hear you singing along to "Misery Business" and even the "Miracle: Outro". It was SO LOUD! Definitely, one of the most incredible moments, for me, thus far. So, before I go on and try to explain all the boring details... I wanted to say THANK YOU!

So, this week I saw one of the best doctors in the country to check on my vocal cords. I knew it wasn't going to be good but knowing that we were just starting our tour, I was trying to remain positive about it. In short, I've got laryngitis and need several days of vox rest. Luckily, we caught it early on. It's not like I've got some impending doom hanging over my head in which every time I play a show I'm going to wonder if it's the last one... I just have to be smart about this whole thing. So - we may have to rework the way I do stuff on the road.. like not only do I need to watch what I eat - but how much I talk at meet and greets and signings and press. I might have to go back to wearing that "I'm on voicerest" button that I used to wear all the time. Ha. Ha. IT SUCKS!!! But I'm doing every thing I can, taking every precaution, to get it right. I wanna beon tour, man! All in all, this is the reason for the postponement of the upcoming shows. Just know that we WILL be coming back for you guys! The entire tour is going to happen... and I'm psyched.

Thank you again for the incredible support that you've shown me and the guys. We always say it but seriously... Paramore fans are the best fans. Wanna fight about it?

Oh and PS. To everyone who's picked up 'brand new eyes'. Holy cow. I'm hearing all kinda numbers and reports about having one of the top two records of the week. Regardless of whether it happens or not... this is madness! I LOVE IT! We're so proud of the new album and so stoked that so many people have already heard it. Keep telling all your friends! We wanna see you at the shows singing along!


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