'Ugly Betty' season premiere delayed-AGAIN....

"Ugly Betty"'s getting a beauty makeover. But not until October 16th.

The fourth season of the ABC series was originally scheduled to debut a week earlier on October 9th, however the network has announced they're pushing the two-hour premiere back a bit. 

There's been no explanation as to why. The screener of said two-hour was made available to TV critics last week, so it's probably not a production issue.

But anyway, when the show does return, we'll of course see a new and improved B. Suarez in an elevated position as associate features editor. The only problem? Her boss is her ex-boyfriend, her officemate -- played by Smith Cho -- kind of hates her and Marc (Michael Urie) is super annoyed that she got the job over him.

Ahh, life at Mode.

Excited for Betty's return?


I swear one more delay and I'll have to sic Amanda on those ABC execs...