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Which 2 VMA hosts are (still) getting it on?

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Together?

EMAs host Katy Perry and British comic Russell Brand are a couple- according to reports.

Last month at the
VMAs our Russ’ made jokes about wanting to get it on with the I Kissed A Girl singer telling the audience he had her hotel room key.
They were then spotted getting cosy together after the New York award show.
Apparently the ladies man then wooed KP by sending her a love poem AND, according to The Sun, she replied with a picture of her breasts!
It’s claimed Brand then invited the star on holiday to Thailand with him. A recent Tweet from the star said:
“After a week in magical Thailand I'm ready 2 face the real world again. Been schooled on Morrissey, Oscar Wilde & Peter Sellers... inspired.”

Rustyrockets tweets:

I'm in Thailand is it right for non Buddhists to visit temples? Is it ok to snog the statues? Or claim to be the reincarnated Sidartha?Help!
I'm in Thailand is wrong to ride an elephant? From an animal rights perspective?Or to pull it's tail?Or have sex with it? It's a moral maze.

lol (sorry mods if this is old news, did a search but it never came up.. tbut if it did the new bit is they went to thailand together..)

guess he won't be hangin his hat on lady gaga's imaginary peen

source and http://twitter.com/rustyrockets

Tags: british celebrities, comedy / comedian, katy perry
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