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Lady Love Post

Capitol Records has snatched support for Lady Love right out from under LeToya Luckett, and her fans ain’t having it!

"We, the fans and supporters of LeToya Luckett are EXTREMELY disappointed at the way the entire Lady Love project has been handled thus far,” fans wrote in this online petition. “We believe that she has proven she is more than deserving of the same promotion her label mates have received e.g. Katy Perry.”

However, they acknowledge that singles off of Lady Love haven’t exactly been performing to expectations, but they say the problem is only compounded by poor promotion.

Supporters are basing their request on LeToya’s newest single, “Regret,” which feature Ludacris. The petition writers also claim fane have “pushed the song into an enviable top 20 position,” but they fail to mention which chart that would be on. Bottom line: They think it shows promise for being LeToya’s next big hit, and we agree. The song is hot and Ludacris is just icing on the cake.

So what are they demanding from Capitol/EMI?

“We ask that you provide LeToya with, at the very least, the same promotion that her debut album received, an official add date for "Regret" to build upon its already strong airplay performance,” supporters requested.

They’re also looking for the label to give LeToya a better budget fitting her track record so that a video for “Regret” can be released. At press time there were only 294 signatures, but you can add your name to the list here.

lady love is an amazing album , I need a u is heartbreaking
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