Nepalese Actress in Sex Tape with Married DJ (PEEN/PUSSY/TITTY POST)

Twenty-three-year-old Nepalese actress and model Namrata Shrestha is at the center of a huge controversy after her sex tape was leaked to the public. The most controversial aspect of this scandal, however, might be be the fact that Shrestha has shrugged the whole thing off instead of acting ashamed and apologetic.

The video co-starred Chris Sutula, aka “DJ Tantrik,” who happens to be married.

Some members of the Nepalese press believe Shrestha’s attitude towards her video reflects a change in Nepalese society and attitudes towards sex:

Parallels are being drawn between it and the Shrisha Karki scandal that erupted in 2002, creating a furore, intense social condemnation and even police action…In 2002, Shrisha, another aspiring starlet, committed suicide after a weekly published a report exposing the casting couch syndrome in Nepal’s film industry which exploited Shrisha and other vulnerable newcomers like her…However, the nude photograph of Shrisha, published by the Jana Aastha weekly with its report on enforced prostitution in the Nepali film industry caused the young actress to commit suicide, triggering a backlash against the weekly…”I had to remain underground for one and a half years,” says Kishor Shrestha, the 39-year-old editor of the weekly, who in 2002 faced a warrant for his arrest due to growing social outcry.

Shrestha’s decision to take ownership for her actions and not be ashamed of the fact that, hey, she has sex (again, albeit with someone who was not single) might work to change perceptions about female sexuality in Nepal, especially given the case of Shrisha Karki, which revealed that women in the entertainment industry were victims of sexual exploitation rather than the keepers of their own sexuality.

Link to video: [won't embed] All the naughty bits don't start until about 6minutes in.

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I've been sitting on this since it broke last week, but it's been awhile since we had a sextape leak that wasn't ours, and I wasn't able to get my hands on the video until now. Sorry it won't embed, bb's.