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What We Can Tell About Courtney Love From Her Twitter Account

The best drama we've seen over the past weeks has nothing to do with the new Fall TV lineup. Oh no, we found it on Courtney Love's Twitter feed. And we have to say, her tweets are everything you would ever want from the rocker widow of Kurt Cobain. Love has strong opinions on everything from Madonna's mothering style to Victorian literature. She battles the IRS and counsels folks on their credit scores. She loves the Mercer hotel and David Geffen, but hates Peaches Geldof. Here's what we learned from this past week's tweets. Don't worry. After the jump, we translate Courtney-tweet for our readers who don't speak crazy.

1. Courtneylover79: no @peaches_g did not offer MY CHILD drugs she offered someone whose my second child ...its confusing and personal. no she wouldnt be prone.

Translation: Peaches Geldof is NOT dealing drugs to Love's daughter Frances Bean.

2. Courtneylover79: we cant let our people starve and get so fat they are commiting carbicide, and have no health, it amde me really sad or teh economy,andmore

Translation: America is overweight.

3. Courtneylover79: fake tits she wrote that she didnt trust anyone with fake tits, i dont have them i broke them now they are just mine again, wich i like

Translation: Breast implants are bad for you.

4. Courtneylover79: what do you think of the hoing out of little Lourdes? Bean woudl KILL me if i brainwashed her to do something that icky.

Translation: Madonna pimps out her daughter.

5. Courtneylover79: it would take forgery, and then it would simply take since the IRS criminal division cannot understand why a "richwhitebitch"is calling em

Translation: Courtney is at odds with the American government.

6. Courtneylover79: @mrsinncake well since im not on drugs and dont take them i dont know what your talking about, had lovely evening avoided the YYYS 4 adults

Translation: She doesn't do drugs.

7. Courtneylover79: @cristinacramer hows my client doing 8k and a college loan? did you write to all three credit unions via post

Translation: She counsels other women on personal finance.

source @courtneylover79

that's not even the worst of her tweets. right now she is going on about how people take edward norton seriously and not her, and something about money (of course!)
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