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my boo, might have swine flu, cancels our date

Final Fantasy Being Tested for Swine Flu, Cancels Vancouver Show Due to Illness
9/25/2009 By Brock Thiessen

Bad news Final Fantasy fans: Owen Pallett has cancelled his show tonight (September 25) in Vancouver due to illness. According to Pallett’s recent tweets, he currently “can’t even stand up straight” and is in a “semi-conscious in a cot in Victoria,” where he's at for the city’s Rifflandia festival.

Pallett goes on to say that he has the flu and is awaiting test result to see if it is H1N1. But even if it’s not the more vicious strain, he says he’s been advised not to perform. “Unless I wear a surgical mask and latex gloves, I'm a walking contagion,” he writes.

And while Final Fantasy says on his Twitter that tonight’s show in Vancouver is going ahead with just openers Timber Timbre, promoters Sealed with a Kiss say on their website that the show is postponed and that ticket holders should hold onto their tickets until a rescheduled date is announced.

There is no word yet on whether further concerts will be cancelled or postponed, but Final Fantasy’s next date is on Sunday (September 27) in Edmonton, followed by a show in Calgary the following day. After a few more Canadian dates, Pallett is scheduled to join up with the Mountain Goats for quite the substantial U.S. tour.

Thanks to CBC Radio 3 for the tip.


Get well soon, bb!

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