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FlashForward flashes brightly, Grey’s annihilates CSI, The Mentalist

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ime Net Show 18-49 Rating/Share Viewers (Millons)
8:00 ABC FlashForward (series premiere) 4.1/12 12.41
  CBS Survivor: Samoa 3.7/11 11.87
  FOX Bones 2..7/8 8.80
  NBC SNL Weekend Update Thursday 1.8/5 4.66
  CW The Vampire Diaries 1.7/5 3.81
8:30 NBC Parks & Recreation 1.8/5 4.22
9:00 FOX Fringe 2.3/6 5.85
  ABC Grey’s Anatomy (season premiere) 6.6/17 17.06
  CBS CSI (season premiere) 4.1/10 15.72
  NBC The Office 3.8/10 7.33
  CW Supernatural 1.2/3 2.62
9:30 NBC Community 2.8/7 5.36
10:00 ABC Grey’s Anatomy (season premiere) 6.7/18 16.52
  CBS The Mentalist (season premiere) 3.4/9 14.33
  NBC The Jay Leno Show 1.7/5 4.99

FlashForward off to a good start, Survivor Samoa beaten in viewers for the first time in an eternity, but actually up versus last week despite the FlashForward premiere.
Fringe was down, but the night is definitely still up for FOX, who took third for the first official Thursday of the season.
Those predicting Grey’s Anatomy would pull adults 18-49 ratings similar to House – you were right, and I bow down to you! We’ll have to see the final tallies to know whether Grey’s or House was top scripted 18-49 show for the week. Either way, Grey’s put a whipping on CBS’ CSI and The Mentalist in terms of adults 18-49. But next week, The Mentalist will go head-to-head with Private Practice and should fare better.

CSI and Greys were both down from last year, CSI sharply down from last year’s a 7.0/17 with adults 18-49 and 22.9 million viewers. Grey’s last year premiered to a 7.4/18 and 18.5 million viewers


there is too much shit on thursday.
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