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Aubrey O'day in Paper magazine

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"So don't talk about shaving my pussy or anything like that," Aubrey O'Day playfully cautions after I tell her the recorder is running, although it doesn't seem likely that our conversation would change much whether the recorder is on or off. The singer and sex symbol is about as censored as her recent Playboy centerfold. No imagination required.

A curvy Californian with cerulean-colored eyes, O'Day is happily outspoken about everything and anything from Obama to AIDS to anal sex. "I'm very comfortable with my sexuality," she says. "I grew up with parents that were practically nudists. Nothing was taboo. Nothing was embarrassing. Nothing was off topic or against my family's values." Ironically, as a 21-year-old vying for recognition on P. Diddy's long-running MTV reality show Making the Band 3, O'Day came across as being a little green: "I think I need to get a little more diva in me. I hope someone can teach me that," she said in one episode. And someone must have, because fast-forward four years later, following her debut in the ludicrously named band Danity Kane (courtesy of Diddy), she has morphed into a sex-bomb bad girl, become friends with Jenna Jameson, talked openly about her love of YouPorn and posed for Complex -- solo, dripping in champagne and wearing little to no clothes.

But not long after reaching the height of her Danity Kane celebrity, Perez Hilton started calling her Skanky O'Day and after two platinum records with the five-member girl group, O'Day was fired on live television with these none-too-kind parting words from Diddy: "It will get dark and lonely." Now, almost a year later, O'Day is trying to put those words behind her and move forward, although there's still a hint of sadness in her voice when she talks about her whirlwind experience with Making the Band and the group. "Honestly the hardest thing I've had to go through is that breakup with Diddy -- fighting off the haters, fighting off the perception of me being 'Skanky O'Day' who broke up Danity Kane."

Despite those Diddy difficulties, O'Day has already managed to achieve many of her dreams, including her biggest dream of all: Broadway. At the height of the Danity Kane drama last summer she was cast as Amber Von Tussle in the Broadway production of Hairspray. And she's in the process of developing herself into a mini-mogul. Currently filming her own reality show, for which she also serves as executive producer, O'Day is also designing a clothing line, Heart on My Sleeve, and has just invented an animal-friendly pink hair dye for her white teacup Maltese, Ginger. As it turns out, being in a band was not O'Day's first or even second love. "Having an album was never my dream. I wanted to be on stage. My dream was actually to be on Broadway, which I have done." This month she'll be back on stage in Las Vegas, starring in Peepshow, a burlesque-meets-Broadway revue produced by Hairspray choreographer Jerry Mitchell.

"When people ask, 'Are you moving forward with a solo career?' Absolutely. I'm singing, dancing and acting my ass off more than I ever did in Danity Kane and so, to me, my solo career is taking off." And, as a recent returning guest on Making the Band 4: The Final Chapter, O'Day confronted her old boss for the first time since her public flogging and shared news of her upcoming projects. Diddy, ever the opportunist, replied, "You're going to have to cut me in on that. We're going to have work something out." Round two might just go to O'Day.

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