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Dayman! Fighter of the Nightman! SF 9/25 Show

The show was hilarious. I gasped in awe at the xmas episode preview. the skinny jeans/rivarly episode they played was great. the asian man playing guitar beforehand got old quick.
the crowd as full of fans so a lot of standing O's and applause for simple (well known) one liners, which was nice, but we also had the drunk douches who'd yell out lines or curse at the actors, who had no problem cursing back :D
Amazing song and dance by Charlie, karate and ball grabbing by Mac, balls grabbed and some chuckling from Dennis, fierce smart mouth Dee, sexy Artemis, pissed off waitress, and FUCKED up frank. <3
now pics... some bish kept telling me to put my camera away but i had to get SOMETHING for ONTD

The gang says hi

rehearsal for the show

i c u goddess Artemis

double trouble

Most guys would rate me an 8 or 9 out of ten

incest is so in right now for attention whores lol

you gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boysoul

cat eyes and karate bishes

twirling ribbons number

and scene

that VISION in yellow!

this fool brought the jigs and the rockette's kicks and everything. THEATRICS!

well, i didn't sign anything.... so see you tomorrow?

Charlie and a green man

cheers and applause

feed me ur sunny gifs bb's
source: my camera
Tags: it's always sunny... (fx)

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