Sissy Spacek to join the cast of Big Love

Major casting alert: Oscar-winning actress Sissy Spacek is joining HBO's "Big Love." She'll play a powerful Washington D.C. lobbyist in a multi-episode arc starting in the third episode of next season.

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It's quite the coup for the HBO drama. Spacek has a whopping six Academy Award nominations for her memorable roles in films such as "Carrie," "Crimes of the Heart," and "In the Bedroom," and she won the Best Actress statuette for her indelible portrayal of Loretta Lynn in 1980's "Coal Miner's Daughter." The actress was just at the Toronto film festival promoting her latest feature, "Get Low."

Spacek is just the latest addition to "Big Love"'s fourth season; other actors cast include Bella Thorne, who will replace Jolean Wejbe as Barb and Bill's youngest daughter Teenie, and Ben Koldyke as Dale, a state-appointed trustee and love interest for Alby (Matt Ross).

The Emmy-nominated HBO drama is slated to begin its fourth season early next year


I didn't see this posted so I hope it wasn't! I love Sissy Spacek, so I'm happy about this -though I would've loved to have seen her play a crazy compound lady (she has the hair for it). I am so glad they got rid of the actress playing Teenie because she was pretty awful. But it was also awful how they never ever talked about her or mentioned her -Ben and Sarah get all the love in that family. As for Alby's love interest... the gayer he gets, the more I love him.
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