REPORT: Lost Series Finale Date Revealed

Via Eric Goldman from

I spoke to Joe Maddalena, President of Profiles in History, the company handling the [LOST] auction, who gave me some details on what to expect.


First off, Maddalena had an important revelation we haven’t heard anywhere else yet – the date of Lost’s series finale. According to Maddalena, Lost is currently scheduled to end on Wednesday, May 19th, 2010. ABC has yet to announce the show’s return date or timeslot for next year, but it seems the show will remain on Wednesdays where it has aired every year except for Season 4. The auction will begin in mid to late June in Los Angeles with a simulcast in Honolulu.

If this information gets confirmed by ABC and the network keeps up with its promise to run the final season with no interruptions from week to week, the Season 6 Premiere will air on February 3rd.

Two-Hour Season Premiere + 14 episodes + Two-Hour Series Finale = 18 hours/16 episodes.

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guys, that's the day before my 18th birthday. talk about the end of an era of my life.