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Serena Williams gets loud with a linesperson @ the US Open

A hot-headed Serena Williams' temper got the best of her as she lost her U.S. Open semi-final in stunning fashion Saturday night.

As a result, Kim Clijsters moved on to the finals Sunday.

The incredibly boorish behavior by Williams took away from a superb performance by Clijsters, who outplayed Williams much of the match.

Williams' problems started in the first set, when she angrily slammed her racket onto the court and broke it as she lost 6-4.

That was her first code warning.

Then, down 6-5 in the second set, and with Clijsters needing just two points for the victory, Williams was called for a foot-fault on her second serve.

Williams exploded, moved in menacing fashion toward the line judge who had made the call, with her racket extended. Williams reportedly yelled obscenities at the female judge.

The foot fault put Williams at match point.

But suddenly, her abusive behavior toward the line judge became Williams' second code warning of the night.

And, just like that -- with the lost point being match point -- Williams had lost the semifinal and Clijsters had won.

ETA Serena's post-match presser

article, video & presser

Sorry for the bad quality video, I'll switch it out if a better quality one surfaces. Apparently Serena tells the linesperson "I swear to God, I'm going to take this fucking ball and shove it down your fucking throat."

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