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Film star parrot in road rage attack on policeman who arrested owner

A celebrity parrot who co-starred in a blockbuster film with Johnny Depp and Keira Knightley took exception to the policeman who arrested his owner.

The feathered Hollywood (or Pollywood?) star launched a violent attack on the Kent police officer, it emerged today.

The bird did more than simply wing his victim - the officer suffered bite and scratch marks on his hands and arms.

The 3ft tall macaw, named Chip, had starred in the first Pirates Of The Caribbean film, The Curse Of The Black Pearl.

But the talon-ted actor took exception to the policeman who stopped his owner at Dover port for driving with the parrot perched on her shoulder.

The officer arrested the woman on suspicion of driving while banned.

The attack came when he attempted to drive her car to the pound, with Chip loose inside.

The parrot, who has a 1.2m wingspan, perched on the steering wheel, pecking at the officer's fingers throughout the journey.

Fortunately, Chip himself was not arrested in the name of macaw to go up before the beak, nor will he do bird in jail.

The RSPCA will look after him until the owner is released from custody. And just in case he's upset again, they'll be watching him like a squawk.

Chief Superintendent Steve Masters, of the Port of Dover police, said today: 'A relative of the lady came to pick up the macaw and told us it had been in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie.

'It was a bit of surprise to end up with a celebrity on our hands.'


Oh my God. Those puns. They ruin the article. But it's not often I get to post amazing things like this.

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