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Camille Hughes of NYC Prep asked not to return to Nightingale

Reality TV claimed yet another victim today as it was revealed that Camille Hughes NYC Prep's Harvard-bound Lucrezia Borgia, will not be returning this fall to the prestigious Nightingale-Bamford School.

Nightingale-Bamford had previously aired its distaste with Hughes' participation in the historic documentary. After expressing its feelings, however, the school tolerated her presence through the Spring semester.

But in recent weeks, varying accounts have emerged about whether Hughes would be "welcome" back at the elite academy — her stepping stone to Harvard and then a job running America, which would lead directly to the Presidency of the United States. Those plans may have to be put on the shelf. According to a chilling report on Cityfile:

at some point over the summer, Hughes and her parents made alternate arrangements for her senior year. According to several Nightingale parents and students, Hughes was informed several weeks ago that she would "not be welcome" back when classes recommenced this fall. A school official, however, says that is not the case. Darrel Frost, Nightingale's director of communications, says the school was "expecting her back this fall" and had reserved a place for her, but that Hughes and her parents had made the decision to enroll at another school, so that "Camille could focus on a different educational route."

Hughes will be starting classes at the far less prestigousy, non-Harvard feeder Professional Children's School, which according to the school's website, offers a home to "students who are preparing for, or already pursuing, careers in the performing arts, entertainment or competitive sports, or who are drawn to a creative environment supportive of the arts." Which is to say, students who don't think they have to befriend Jesse so they can get on the Operation Smile committee so they can get into Harvard so they can be President.

And once again, we ask, where is the outrage? Once again, our society sits by while another brave hero who dared to show the world the reality of what it is like to be — in this case a rich girl in New York — is crushed by the prejudice of those who in the end, really are just jealous that they are not asked to be on TV shows themselves.

And they call it justice.

I'm here for the lulz always bought by these posts. Sebastian is too.

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