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Wondering what Coolio has been up to lately?

 No?  Well I'm going to tell you anyway!

Coolio Performs for $3000, a Bucket of Chicken and a bottle of Patron
Posted Sep 1st 2009

Nineties rapper Coolio has been hired to play a small venue in Colorado for a "$3,000, a bucket of chicken and a bottle of Patron (he likes the Silver variety)" according to the show's booker. The concert will be held on Sept. 6, at "The Deli Zone" a restaurant in Longmont, [Colorado] whose local paper hails the performance as "the city's first celebrity performance in recent memory."
"Where's Longmont at?" Coolio is quoted as saying, in response to being asked by the Longmont Times-Call if he'd ever been to visit the city, which was recently named one of the top 50 places to live by Money Magazine. "My hope is that Coolio is going to give us ... some recognition," said the restaurant's owner, Jeremy King. "I'm hoping to get a cool reputation as a cool place to come see music."
The 'Fantastic Voyage' rapper has had a slippery ride of late, losing his "irreverent" reality parenting show, "Coolio's Rules" and getting publicly groped by an Italian model, amongst other bizarre incidents.
"I'm really excited about the possibility of Longmont becoming a hot spot for music," stated Jimmy Macias, the venue's excited young booker about the upcoming performance. Besides booking the Zone, the 24 year-old is a rapper in a group called 2 Real 4 da Mind (!), who will also open for Coolio.

The Review:
Coolio's nine-song set was a mix of less-than-impressive new songs and mangled versions of old songs. "Fantastic Voyage", began with Coolio pretending as if he was driving a car and ended with him pretending he was crashing one. It was at least entertaining, while the rest of the set left a lot to be desired.

Coolio introduced "Let's Get Stupid" with "My name is Coolio and I am a recovering alcoholic and drug addict". It included the chorus of "Let's Get Stupid and Retarded" (yes, just like the Black Eyed Peas Song) and had absolutely silly lyrics about Grey Goose and drugs.

"Your Boyfriend" included nonsensical rapping from Coolio and a rapper in his posse. His posse seemed to do a majority of the work through out the show, and certainly did most of the work on this track.

The set ended with "an old-school trance", as he put it, of "Get up Get Down" and of course, "Gangsta's Paradise ". The live rendition of the "Dangerous Minds" classic was at times unrecognizable. Instead of having someone sing the chorus, they just played the recorded version and had a saxophone play the hook.

Most of his set, excluding his classics, seemed as if he interchangeably used typical rap lingo and wrote the most formulaic rap songs he could write. His energy was high, maybe because the audience loved him so much, however, no amount of energy could make up for the fact that he was hard to hear and the other rappers in his crew did most of the actual rapping.

Highlights: Coolio's stage banter. He called the audience "alcoholic [four-syllable expletives]" during a strange Michael Jackson tribute. He pretended to get shot at before "Gangsta's Paradise" -- and left between the verses. He had a strange bit where he asked the audience for tacos, Hennessy and gas money. He rapped that there "ain't no party like a Longmont part 'cause a Longmont party don't stop". Well put, sir.

Reminded me of: Nothing I've ever experienced. Hearing that Coolio was playing at a Deli Zone in Longmont was shocking. Coolio selling out a Deli Zone, telling the audience they are alcoholics, and pretending to be shot at during "Gangsta's Paradise" was unbelievable.

Source 1, and Source 2

Apparently he's done several shows lately, that are a step above a house party.   Check out Coolio's goofy ass at another such show:
Video Source
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