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Kate In Tears As Jon Says He's Bringing Girlfriend To Their Home

There's major new drama in the Jon and Kate Gosselin saga and it's left Kate crying hysterically.

Jon told Kate on Thursday that he's planning to bring girlfriend Hailey Glassman to their Pennsylvania home very soon to spend time with their children, RadarOnline.com learned exclusively.

That news devastated Kate, who told a Pennsylvania pal that she broke down and cried hysterically while talking to Jon.

Kate thinks it's too soon for the kids to be introduced to their father's girlfriend. She asked Jon to consider the kids' emotions and how hard it is for them to deal with their parents divorce. In Kate's view, adding a parent's new romantic interest into the equation right now is simply too much.

Jon spent Thursday with Hailey, 22, but took time out of his day to call his soon-to-be-ex-wife and tell her that he soon will be bringing Hailey to the Wernersville home where the kids stay while Jon and Kate take turns living there. The reality show couple's divorce is scheduled to be finalized this month.

It was simply too much for Kate and she broke down.

"I think Jon is incredibly insensitive for doing this," Kate's pal from Pennsylvania told RadarOnline.com. "This came out of nowhere. It took Kate totally by surprise."

And it wasn't a happy surprise either.

When Kate cried Jon was hardly sympathetic - in fact he was downright nasty. Another source familiar with the Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars says, "Jon thinks Kate is a big drama queen and turns on the tears to get sympathy."

In an ABC interview earlier this week Jon said he despises Kate and love Hailey more than he ever loved his wife.

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