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Texts From Last Night to become a television show.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Fox is developing a TV adaptation of the popular website "Texts From Last Night."

"The Big Bang Theory" scribe Steve Holland is set to write the comedy, which has scored a script order plus a large penalty from the net. Sony Pictures TV will produce, along with Adam Sandler's Happy Madison shingle.

Launched last February, the "Texts" blog invites readers to post embarrassing messages that they've sent to friends, perhaps in the middle of the night or while intoxicated. The users' identity is concealed, save for their area code.

The site's founders recently sealed a deal with Penguin's Gotham Books to compile a selection of messages.

In writing the TV version, Holland will loosely base the show's characters and plot on the whole idea of racy -- and sometimes embarrassing -- communication, particularly among the twentysomething set.

Holland's other credits include "Rules of Engagement" and "Less Than Perfect."

ONTD, have you ever sent a late-night text that you regret?

Source: Michael Schneider / Variety
via The A.V. Club
Picture: TinyPic.
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