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Ty Ty Babys' new Magaline

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According to Tyra, the mission of her new "magaline" (pronounced "maggah line"), called Tyra, is to "redefine beauty online." She also wrote a manifesto for her new venture, for which she provided an audio version.

Here is the manifesto, for those who can read:

"To celebrate uniqueness.
To know when to cut the hair.
To welcome great advice.
To know that smart is always sexy.
To know that sexy is very good.
To really get the body and skin that we are in.
To seek beauty in everything.
To know what colors work and which ones are better on someone else.
To accept constructive criticism.
To practice the art of the smeyes.
To appreciate original style, especially our own.
To laugh at ourselves a little more than every now and then.
To dream....big.
To take more pictures.
To constantly evolve.
To cherish true friendship.
To be the ceo of our lives.
To be more confident and self loving.
To know when to rock a trend, know when to act like it never happened.
To ignore the haters.
That haters?
To know how to beat our own face.
To know how to do a smokey eye.
To live more healthily, mind, body, and spirit.
To know that some things that may have happened to us aren't our fault.
To keep believing in love.
To know that every hallway is a runway.
To work crazy hard for what we want.
To be beautiful, truly beautiful, inside and out.

Fierce and Love,
Tyra Banks"

If you're interested in the articles, you can read all about Tyra's hair and makeup, or maybe you'd like to check out the "timeline" of her life.

video at the source
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