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~MIMI POST~ with Vegas Rehearsal Details and Photos

Details from Inside Mariah's Vegas Rehearsals  

Mariah arrived at the Palms in Las Vegas on Monday, Sept. 7th to start her rehearsals on the Pearl Theatre stage for her Sept. 11 & 12 concerts at the venue. The first photo below shows Mariah's caravan arriving at the Palms' private entrance at around 7:30pm PT on Monday.

At last night's rehearsals, choreographer Debbie Allen and the dancers were running through "Subtle Invitation" and "Close My Eyes." Only two dancers were onstage for the "Close My Eyes" number and they danced to it in a ballet-like fashion. Then a new song from Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel was played and the dancers were dancing to it.

When Mariah arrived, there was a bit of downtime, she was very quiet, as she is resting her voice as much as possible. When the rehearsal started, Debbie wanted them to do "Obsessed" but Mariah segued into a ballad from Memoirs. A beautiful piano melody was played with Mariah's subtle vocals on top of it. Based on the audio from the rehearsal, we suspect it may be the "Languishing" interlude from the new album, but can't know for sure. The music then turned into the opening notes of "I Want To Know What Love Is."

They then ran through her entrance which will be set to an instrumental version of "Butterfly."

Two other pictures from last night are included below: stage set-up and Mariah rehearsing a song on the Pearl Theatre stage.



Mariah Daily

P.S. -- "Obsessed" moves up three spots to #7 on tomorrow's Billboard Hot 100 Chart, making it Mariah's 27th Top 10 hit. HELLS YEAH.

P.P.S. -- "I Want To Know What Love Is" will be available for download on iTunes on Tuesday, September 15th. BUY THAT ISH.

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