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SNL's Casey Wilson Fired for being Fat*

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There's some seriously unfunny stuff happening over at Saturday Night Live. First up, just like last year, they've added two pretty white chicks to the mostly white cast.

These gals might be deserving, but there are plenty of hilarious black and Asian and nonwhite comedians out there who would give the show more diversity. Not to mention, casting a black actress might mean they wouldn't have to keep flying in former castmember Maya Rudolph to play Michelle Obama these next four to eight years.

Producers made room for these two predictably attractive babes by firing Casey Wilson and Michaela Watkins. Watkins has been vocal, and pretty cheerful, about her exit from SNL, but Casey's been completely quiet on the matter.

Could it be because of the totally bitchy and sexist way in which she was ousted from the sketch show?

Our inside comedy sources tell us SNL producers told the curvy Casey to lose 30 pounds during the show's summer hiatus. They pretty much demanded it. And whether Wilson just couldn't drop the weight or she just only wanted to give her middle finger some exercise, she didn't drop a damn pound. And that's when she was axed, we're told.

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