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Ashlee Simpson: "I Could Do Splits When I Was Pregnant"

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Bronx Wentz may only be 10 months old, but mom Ashlee Simpson-Wentz has already thought about his first date -- and how she'll handle it.

Husband Pete Wentz "is definitely over protective, I know that! And I'm definitely going to be lay the boundaries down," Simpson-Wentz, 24, tells Rachael Ray in an interview that will air Sept. 15.

She admits she'd be tougher if she had a "little girl.

"It's different for a girl than with a guy, so I think we'll have to grow together and be able to lay the boundaries," she says. "But with Bronx, there will be a curfew and all that."

She doesn't want him hitting up too clubs or getting in trouble.

"I don't want him to grow up in the middle of Hollywood," she says.

Simpson-Wentz reveals a few surprising details from her pregnancy to Ray as well.

"I could do the splits when I was nine months pregnant," she says. "I could put my leg over my head still. I used to be a ballerina."

She next appears as Violet, a new girl in town with a shady past, in the Melrose Place spinoff, which premieres Sept. 8 on the CW. Wentz doesn't mind all her steamy makeout scenes, she says.

"He is so not a jealous person, and it's work. It is what it is. And believe me, there's some jaw droppers for Violet!" she says. "I'd rather be kissing my husband."

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