joshluvsduff (joshluvsduff) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

6 Questions for Hilary Duff

Weird Habit:

Make the bed in the hotel room before I leave. I just feel like everyone would know I was staying there, and I wouldn't want it to look messy.

Dream Costar:

Mike [Comrie, her hockey star boyfriend] makes fun of me because I love Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet. He's like, "You love all Kates!" But it's true!

In Her Purse:

I'm obsessed with Wisps. It's like a teeny toothbrush with a mint in the middle. It's a nice freshen up when you don't feel like chomping gum.

First Fave Film:

Meet Me in St. Louis. We lived in the country and didn't have many movies to watch, so we watched them over and over, and that one was in the pile.

Loves To Read:

Cookbooks. I look at [them] all the time and read recipes on the Internet, and I watch the Food Network. I don't cook every day or even every week!

Fantasy Duet:

My ultimate dream would be to do a song with Morrissey. I would be so embarrassed, I would never actually ask for it to happen. We're so different, but I love him.

She is just too cute, it is nice of her to save the maid some work from making the bed.

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