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Creepy old man stalking Emma Watson @ Brown

Oh, sorry, my bad, that's just Emma's supposedly 26-year-old boyfriend, Jay Barrymoore. Hopefully, he's just visiting, and not going to be following her around 24/7 coz he's got nothing to do since he's jobless and all. :p


Oh and the "helicopter" rumor

The ONLY source of that rumour that Just Jared posted about Emma arriving on campus on a helicopter was just from someone's twitter:


A freaking TWITTER from some random famewhore.

So Jared, were going to believe everything anyone on twitter says now.
Really, Jared? If we were going to believe all tweets from random people now as reputable sources, then Emma should also be able to be in two places as once coz at least 2 people also tweeted that they just bumped into Emma at Bed, Bath & Beyond at the same time as the helicopter landing. That's real magic she's doing! She must be using her time turner *roll eyes*

There aren't any photographic proof of this, nor anybody else from Brown mentioning about someone arriving in a helicopter. So please Jared, I know you have very little journalistic integrity, but at least draw the line at sourcing your news from twitter!

| That rant above brought to you by someone here:
http://forums.pottershots.net/emma-watson/2963-emma-university-38.html#post242068 :)

Oh, and from the pics I've seen, Emma's dad is the one with her in Brown, not her mom. So Jared mentioning that she's with her mom was probably also just from someone from twitter (saying they saw her & her mom go to the Financial Aid office).

So, PLEASE any random person's twitter is NOT a reliable source of news :(

Sitting on a "chair" Bruno style heheh :)


Hilary Duff talks about her role on Gossip Girl & admits that it's based on Emma Watson:

The new series introduces a host of new characters, including Hilary Duff as Olivia Burke, a famous film star in search of the normal college experience.

Singer/actress Hilary admitted the character was inspired by Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who has frequently spoken of her wish to go to university.

More info at the SOURCE

And 'Gossip Girl' co-executive producer Josh Safran confirms it HERE, plus more about the upcoming season.

Well, in that case, I hope Emma Watson finds her "Dan Humphrey" in Brown & dump her fug boyfriend.
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