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Jack Tweed Has Been Charged With Rape

Jack Tweed has been remanded in custody today after being charged with rape.

Jade Goody's widower was remanded until September 21 to appear at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

The 22-year-old, who wore a blue hoodie, spoke only to confirm his name, date of birth and address at Redbridge Magistrates' Court, East London.

Yesterday fifteen cops swooped on Tweed's bachelor pad to arrest him and a pal over the alleged "roasting" rape of a teenage clubber.

The pair were taken to separate nicks in police vans after the 19-year-old accused Jade Goody's widower of forcing her to have sex as a chum joined in.

Last night cops quizzed Tweed, 22, and ex-boyband singer Ashley Rubin about what happened after the girl was invited back to the rented house in Essex from a London nightspot in the early hours.

The teenager, from Hertfordshire - described as "extremely distressed" - went to a nearby police station after leaving the swish pad in upmarket Repton Park at 5am with another girl who had gone there.

Both went to cops after the alleged victim blurted out what had happened in a

Two hours later - at 7am - police dramatically rolled up at the house in two
vans and two cars.

A friend of Tweed's said: "There were still a couple of other girls in the
house with Jack, Ashley and another guy.

"The doorbell was ringing continuously. Jack got the door and the police burst
in and accused him of rape. They told him they were arresting him and he went
upstairs to get a jumper.

"Everyone had to stay where they were while police took details. They were told
to report to a police station at 10am to give witness statements."

The girl - who met Tweed and his chums at West End nightclub the Embassy - was
taken to a special rape counselling suite and questioned.

Forensic experts combed the house, which was sealed off with police tape.

A local - who blasted Tweed as a neighbour from hell since moving in a month ago
- told of being woken by "people coming back at 3am, slamming doors and speaking

Yesterday empty cardboard crates of Budweiser and Corona beer were strewn
outside the house - which Tweed is already being evicted from following a string
of wild parties.

Tweed wed Big Brother star Jade as she battled cancer.

She died last March aged 27 - and her mum Jackiey wants Tweed banned from seeing
her two sons.
He and East Londoner Rubin - who was taken to Barking police station - are
understood to strenuously deny the girl's allegations. Rubin, 22, is a former
member of pop group 5Boyz.

Officers investigating the rape allegation also arrested a third man aged 25
last night, the Met Police said.

Another man in his 20s has been bailed pending further inquiries.

Mark Wright, who was best man at Tweed's wedding, branded her claims

Police confirmed: "A female in her late teens has made an allegation of rape.
Two men in their 20s have been arrested."

Last night Tweed's mum Mary - visibly upset - was barred from seeing him at
Ilford police station as she and his sister took him a change of clothes.
Thoughts on Jack, ONTD?
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