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First Look at Clark Kent's New Look on Smallville

We're not quite sure yet what the producers have in mind for the forthcoming ninth season of Smallville. Oh sure, we know what they're planning from the little we've gleaned from synopses, story fragments, guest characters announced, and so forth. And we know that the show seems to be taking a decidedly darker turn.

What's not completely clear is: why? Other than perhaps the obvious decision to follow in the footsteps of Chris Nolan's ginormously successful Dark Knight and try to leverage some of the popularity of the recent trend towards more obsidian tales.

To that end, expect a lot of changes to Smallville this year.

In addition to finally addressing the "no tights, no flights" mantra that the series brandished for many years, we will simultaneously witness the personality of Clark Kent being suppressed as Kal El attempts to embrace his destiny as a hero full time.

Also, Jeff Johns will be penning an episode, even as Welling himself directs a few installments of the series (as a side note, we hear Welling is no longer doing press for the show...not that we're surprised; he hardly needs to anymore, and his acting/directing/producing dance card keeps him pretty busy).

For guest characters, expect to see Metallo, General Zod and the Wonder Twins showing up this season.

And — to the news that started this story — as you know, Clark Kent is sporting a new look this year, and now we have our first look at it, "in the flesh,' as it were, courtesy of LilMissX.


yes, Smallville is still on. no need to comment that
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