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Craig Ferguson Interviews Princess Leia; Dubs This Week 'Jason Ritter Week'

It started out as a standard talk-show incident. Jason Ritter was booked as a guest on Tuesday night’s The Late Late Show, but Craig Ferguson (now in high-def and bracingly bitter about it!) got to yakking too long with Quentin Tarantino. Certainly, if there’s a guest who’ll keep you yakking — or being yakked at — it’s the Inglourious Basterd himself.

So Ferguson promised Ritter would be on the next night, Wednesday. Wednesday night: oops, nope. So enthralled by the Betty-Boop charms of Mila Kunis, Craig didn’t have time for Ritter.

By now he was making jokes about having to wear the same tie again, and we talk-show faithful know that what really happened is that Ferguson taped the Ritter interview earlier in the week, and he and his producers were waiting for the proper length segment to shoehorn it in.

But last night: Whoops! Got talking to Carrie Fisher too long about electro-shock therapy and such, and even though Craig had by now dubbed this “Jason Ritter Week”… no Jason. Check out Carrie Fisher’s segment, by the way; quite hilarious:

So tonight’s the last night to get Jason Ritter on the air this week. Will it happen? Personally, and I like Ritter, I think this dandy joke could go on for quite a while. And I like that thin black tie Ferguson has to wear to maintain the amusement.

Source: Ken Tucker's Watching TV @ EW.com

Poor Jason Ritter. He's becoming the real life Matt Damon!
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