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see who you've offended now

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LADY Gaga has ignored parameters set by her minders and told some Brisbane radio jocks she's not offended by hermaphrodite rumours - but her "little vagina" is.

Getting the young American – who's been subject to the bizarre rumours since live footage depicting a bump in her crotch emerged a few weeks ago – to even broach the topic was a gonzo radio coup for Nova's breakfast team of Meshel, Ash and Tim. They were warned before the interview that "the topic must stick to fashion, her tour, her fans and her music". Yo, publicity flunkies: Be aware these commandments will be aired and make your client look stupid.

"I'm just a girl from New York who wanted to be a star. Anything you want to ask me is cool," she told them. So an excited Meshel put it on her: "Obviously we have to talk about the tiny penis rumours. Where are we at right now with the tiny penis issue, Lady Gaga?"

"My little vagina is very offended," Gaga said. "I'm not offended, my vagina is offended."

Naturally, Ash went on to say that a one-on-one with her vagina "would be a fascinating interview". They're probably already jostling over who gets to hold the microphone.

Lady Gaga, who's back here next March, also gave a glimpse into her psyche in explaining why her threshold for embarrassment was so high.

"I sold four million records in six months. I'm not embarrassed about anything," she said from California amid work on her "Winter re-release".

Yep, that'd do it.


ontd. this is why we can't have nice things.
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