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Tokio Hotel’s Album Cover, "Humanoid" snippet, Nokia concert pics, Bill's Birthday Interview

Germany’s hottest musical export Tokio Hotel return October 6th with new album Humanoid, hear the snippet here:

Nokia concert

Bill's Birthday Interview (Bill & Tom are 20 as of Sept 1st)

- his mirror image
"I don't look in the mirror every morning thinking "Wow, you are such a hot guy!"
I have a normal relationship to my face and my body. I'm comfortable in my skin."

- his skinniness
"I'm almost exclusively eating unhealthy rubbish and I order one pizza after the other. I simply don't get fat. And I have to disappoint you, I don't make myself throw up in order to stay thin."

- his money
"We earn good money, but we are not filthy rich like some people believe. There's lots of money we could make but don't. 90% of the advertising deals we are offered, we say no to. Because the brand or products were complete shit. I only wanna make deals for stuff I really like myself."

- his luxury goods
"I spend a lot of money on vacations. It's already kinda sick and excessive. But because my vacations are so rare, I wanna enjoy them compeltely."

- his status symbols
"When I finished school, I bought myself a Rolex, even though I don't care for watches at all. I simply found it funny to have a Rolex at the age of 18. Kinda dumb, actually."

- his sexlife
"I don't have a girlfriend and sex without love is not the thing for me. This is something my brother should waste his time with. There will be a time he will realize all this fucking around is useless."

- his preferences
"I'm into pretty hands. My first look always goes to the hands. And eyes are also very important. I could care less for the haircolor."

- his loneliness
"After a concert, when I'm all alone in my hotel room, I sometimes don't know what to do with myself. Eerything is so damn quiet suddenly."

- who he takes to bed
"My 4 dogs are sleeping in my bed with me. I could never be without them. The closer they are to me, the better I feel. This is my advice to everyone: Take your dogs to bed with you!"

- his feelings
"I have to admit, there are movies that make me cry. The Notebook, for example. Now probably most people are thinking "Haha, we knew it! That faggot is crying when watchign TV!"

- his flaws
"I think I can be exhausting. And sometimes I'm really over the top with the things I say. And I regret it later and think to myself I shoudln't have said that."

- the end of his career
"After my surgery last year I wanted to throw it all away. I just though I don't wanna hold my face in a camera ever again. But music is the only thing for me. If I would have to get a job education now, I'd have no idea in which direction to go."

- his fears
"In general I'm afraid something happens to people I care about. Or if something would happen to one of my dogs, I couldn't deal with that."

- his daily routine
"I'm a total night person. While recording the new album, I usually was in the studio until 6 in the morning, and then slept till the evening. From the world, I usually only see airports, hotels and our venues."

- his daily life
"It's been years since I've last been to a supermarket like a regular person. I have no idea anymore what a piece of butter costs. There's really no normal life when it comes to me."

- his birthday
" Tom and I wanna celebrate with family and friends. And at night, we wanna rent a rollercoaster, just for ourselves. We haven't been on a rollercoaster since forever. We lvoe that kind of stuff."

Source 1
Source 2 (thanks to onerva_t for translation)
Source 3
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