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Carmen Electra Sets Album Release

Carmen Electra in collaboration with One Seven returns to the music scene with her album C-17 on October 13th. "Who Do You Think You Are", Carmen's first single off the new album is a smoldering, hard hitting duet primed to detonate on pop radio.

Few of Electra's fans are aware that she is an accomplished and versatile singer who expertly oscillates between seductive crooning and salacious rapping. One Seven was aware of her earlier work with Prince, and after seeing her perform with the Pussycat Dolls, he was inspired to write a record for her. "We both lived in Hollywood and met at a party," Electra remembers. "The tracks he sent me were really good. I've always loved cutting edge up-tempo music. It was fun going to his studio and recording songs with no pressure, nobody telling you what to say."

Electra's second album allowed her to return to her roots in music and gave her the opportunity to showcase her affection for unapologetically raunchy club bangers. An unpredictable fusion of electro-pop and hip-hop, C-17 offers a fresh palette of sounds, from the dizzying beat assaults of "Bobbin'" and "While The Light Was On" to the deliciously lurid innuendo of "Jimmy High" (C-17's second single and remixed by popular New York DJs Star Killers).

"Most of the songs are gritty and intense up-tempo tracks," One Seven says. Electra adds, "'Who Do You Think Are' is a little darker. I see girls all the time that I used to audition with, and now they're in very different situations. There are so many young girls who get hooked up with the darker side of Hollywood."

More ass-kissing + track listing under the cut.Collapse )


This album is gonna be a hot mess.

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