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this is a korean girl group fierce bitch smackdown post


2NE1 Unplugs I Don't Care on Inkigayo

There are shouts and murmurs (ok not really the latter, just shouts) about G-Dragon's solo comeback tonight on Inkigayo, but his YG siblings aren't getting overshadowed.

2NE1 had a special stage of their own for 'I Don't Care', and let's just say, the girls really switched it up! With an acoustic live band and Caribbean feel, this remix is just OOZING with awesome. I love the reggae style remix, it really shows a different side of these girls.

People talk about 2NE1 being a one-trick pony of electronic pop, but this stage really shows off both their versatility and vocal talent. Not only did the girls pull off the slower-tempo, Jason Mraz-esque remix with their laidback appearances and vibratos, but they added personal flavor and rocked it as if it were the original version all along. 2NE1 can really carry a performance with their stage presence; even though they aren't dancing, all four girls seem to be really enjoying themselves. Yes, I'm gushing - but seriously, for a one-stage remix, this is impressive for a girl group. Check out this awesome stage, raw and unplugged!

the performance. fucking amazing. minji (the girl with the short hair) fucking killed it. she is just 15 years old btw and the fiercest bitch in the game today.

the original

4Minute’s 1st minialbum "For Muzik"; leaked from Venezuela 3 days before official release

4Minute's 1st minialbum "For Muzik" has been leaked online. The album is set to be released on 31st Augsut but on 28th August it was leaked out online. It was said that the album was first leaked out from Venezuela via Youtube.

Cube Entertainment said in an interview on 28th August, "The album was leaked out on 28th August, following the IP address of the first leakout, it started from Venezuela. We are in a very flustered state."

The album is leaked in full 3 days before the official release. So for the sake, the album was revealed officially online.

The company is also discussing plans from now and tracking down the leakout. The girls will promote the title song ‘Muzik’ from the album from 3rd week of August.

this is their latest song

a performance of their first single - i think we need a grammy in here!!!!

btw yes, hyun ah used to be a member of the fabulous wonder girls but she left the group because she had chronic diarrhea

f(x) to make their debut on Music Core

Following teasers and news earlier about f(x) having their showcase on 2nd September, SM Entertainment has released more details about their schedule on debut week.

SM Entertainment announced on 31st August, that f(x)'s first digital single, Lachata will be released on various music portal sites on 1st September, ahead of their showcase debut. SM Entertainment said that the song Lachata was produced by songwriter, Kenzie, and is a dance pop song with a touch of electronica hip-hop groove. The concept of the song is 'to enjoy life', with the witty catchy lyrics coupled with an upbeat harmonious melody.

Apart from that, SM Entertainment revealed that f(x) will have their debut stage on MBC Music Core this Saturday, 5th September, performing Lachata and they are definitely in good hands, since their sunbaenims, SNSD's Tiffany and Yuri are the hosts. The music video to their debut single, Lachata will be released on the same day, 2nd September as their showcase debut at Seoul Samsung-dong Fashion Center.

their sassy and cute song that just dropped

here is some motion picture featuring them since no music video or performance is out yet

btw krystal is the younger sister of jessica of snsd. and amber isn't a man either she just got it like that, ok.

source + source + source

you know you want to get your poll on now:

Who are the reigning queen bitches due to their winning combination of flyness, fierceness, talent, and class?


there's more to kpop girl groups than wonder girls. TIME TO GET EDUCATED AND VOTE. this post is endorsed by cl of 2ne1 and her nice and cool friend.
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