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Natalie Portman Buys A Castle… Ish

Natalie Portman just purchased this “rustic castle-like” historic estate in an exclusive, secluded enclave of LA, reports In Touch. “Natalie wanted a property that had character and integrity, something that was special,” says Richard Stanley, a Coldwell Banker real estate agent in LA who specializes in architectural and historic properties.

“This house is perfect for her,” he says of the gorgeous 1930s-era home that the 28-year-old actress paid more than $3 million for. “It’s a beautiful home and truly is something special. It’s the trophy home of the neighborhood.”

It has four bedrooms and a private courtyard. It also includes two guest houses, perfect for visiting friends from back East, as well as her parents — her father, Avner, a fertility doctor, and her mother (and former agent), Shelley, to whom she credits much of her success. “If my career stops, if I do badly in a role or if one of my movies is a total failure, I know I’ll still have my parents. It helps me not to be afraid and to take risks,” Natalie says.

Although the home is located in a gated community of less than 100 residences, Natalie’s decision to leave her family, sell her trendy Manhattan condo (it fetched nearly $7 million last November) and move to LA surprised her friends. But for the actress and Harvard grad, the timing is perfect, as she’s now ready to take on Hollywood. She’s started a filmmaker-friendly web site,, and has launched an LA-based production company named after her dog, Handsomecharlie Films. Plus, she’s set to play the female lead in Thor.


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