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Stay classy, Katie Price.

Hecklers' taunts upset cowgirl Katie Price as she parties in Manchester

Moseying out on the town wearing a cheeky cowgirl costume wasn’t the best idea for Katie Price – she nearly ended up in a Western-style bar brawl.

Her night out in Manchester turned nasty when the 31-year-old, known to millions as glamour girl Jordan, turned up at the city’s Living Room nightclub.

Faced with a posse of hecklers who started jeering, whistling and chanting “Team Andre! Team Andre!” at her, she rounded on them.

But rather than let them have it with both barrels, mum-of-three Katie simply told them to start watching her TV show instead of estranged hubby Pete’s. 

Very John Wayne.


She then tottered off, on the arm of a bare chested cowboy, to the Circle club for a Native American themed fancy-dress do. 

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Our spy reveals: “Kate was out with pals and determined to let her hair down. She’d had a stressful 24 hours meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time and wanted to unwind.

“But when some drunk lads started giving her grief, she found it genuinely upsetting. Kate hates that the public are siding with Peter in the split.”

Katie had been on her best behaviour while meeting cagefighter Alex Reid’s folks. There was no flashing, flaming sambucas or “f” words. 

Katie even insisted on separate bedrooms. And she wore no make-up and dressed down in trackie bums to make his parents feel more relaxed.

In fact, she behaved so impeccably, she got invited back for Christmas. Maybe she didn’t realise that Peter was just a few miles down the road yesterday, as guest of honour at the city’s Gay Pride. 

It followed his gig at Brighton’s Crazy Bear on Sunday when was propositioned by women AND men.

Says our spy: “At least three women proposed to Pete on stage… even guys were trying to shake his hand afterwards.” Let’s hope that was all they were trying to shake!



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