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DJ AM was going to check himself into rehab....

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Celebrity spinner DJ AM confessed to falling off the wagon and pledged to check himself into rehab just hours before his death, friends told investigators.

The sad revelation emerged yesterday as pals and probers described a drug-filled final day for the nightclub star, who was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Friday.

DJ AM, whose real name was Adam Goldstein, had been missing appointments and acting erratically in recent weeks -- behavior that so worried his West Coast manager and recovery sponsor that they jumped on a red-eye Wednesday night to confront him at his SoHo apartment Thursday morning, pals have told law-enforcement officials.

When they arrived, an agitated Goldstein stubbornly refused to see his manager -- but allowed the sponsor inside.

That's when Goldstein lit up a crack pipe and popped pills in front of his horrified pal, investigators told The Post.

Goldstein then promised his sponsor and manager that he'd check himself into a rehab clinic in California after making a scheduled gig in Las Vegas on Friday night, friends told law-enforcement officials. But he never made that performance, at the Palms Casino Resort in Sin City.

When Goldstein missed the flight to Las Vegas on Friday and didn't return phone calls, friends brought cops to his apartment, where they found Goldstein dead from an apparent overdose.

Goldstein's apartment was littered with small plastic bags filled with painkillers Vicodin and oxycodone and anti-anxiety medications Xanax and lorazepam, sources told The Post.

Results of toxicology tests are still weeks away and a spokeswoman for the medical examiner said a precise cause of death could not be immediately determined.

Handlers have said that Goldstein suffered a paralyzing fear of flying.

The celebrity spinner, who barely survived a deadly plane crash last year, was constantly begging doctors for anti-anxiety medication, friends told investigators.

Cops found just one bottle of properly marked prescription drugs in his apartment, a medication for diarrhea, sources said.

Goldstein also had over-the-counter medications to fight allergies and stomach acid, according to law-enforcement officials.


Sad :(
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