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Too Soon For A Reboot?

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Not a dream! Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story!

That's right, true believers: Fox is already rebooting FANTASTIC FOUR!

After a pair of big-screen attempts with the Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Mister Fantastic and the Thing, the studio is looking to put some new humans in the form-fitting unstable molecules.

No real specifics are given, but the new version
will be overseen by producer Akiva Goldsman, who previously held some responsibility for comic-to-film projects CONSTANTINE and the notorious BATMAN & ROBIN. The script will come from Michael Green, who has some superpower experience from TV's "Heroes" and the upcoming GREEN LANTERN. Your current confidence
level may vary.

Though it's been rumored for a while (along with a refresh of DAREDEVIL), Fox's reboot announcement is likely a response to the colossal Disney/Marvel pact and a reminder that the Mouse House doesn't have Marvel's "first family".

Marvel's classic superheroes are a quartet of scientists/astronauts who, while on a space mission, are bombarded with cosmic rays that make them (variously) disappear, rubbery, flaming and cobblestony. These popular heroes use their new abilities for the good of mankind, and clash with villains in silver masks and large purple helmets.


Just bring back Chris Evans and we'll be good

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