Celebrities Speak Out On DJ AM's Death

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In case you missed it, DJ AM died this week. Celebrities took to Twitter and released statements on TMZ with their reactions. Still no responses from Nicole Richie or Joel Madden.....both who have been missing from Twitteronia (or whatever Shaq calls it). Here is a summary of some of the celebrities who spoke out ::

Musician John Mayer (@johncmayer): In complete shock. We're supposed to lose our friends to time, at an age when we're ready to agree to the terms of having lived a long life. Not now. My tribute to AM? I'm going out tonight without a watch. He'd know how huge that was

Musician / Actress Mandy Moore (via TMZ): I am absolutely heartbroken. For those of us lucky enough to have known him, Adam radiated a contagious exuberance for life and also personified the very definition of a true friend. To say that he will be missed beyond words is an understatement. My heart goes out to his loved ones."

Model Dita Von Teese (@DitaVonTeese): Shocked at the news of my good friend DJ AM.

Singer Solange Knowles (@solangeknowles): :;;(;;;;((((( D.J. AM Thoughts and Strength goes out to friends and family....

Athlete / Skateboarder Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk): Not everything happens for a reason. Thinking of you, @trvsbrkr. Stay strong.

Musician Mark Hoppus (@markhoppus): We miss you, Adam. Make the angels dance. Send our love to Littte Chris and Jerry Finn. You were all called home too soon.

DJ Steve Aoki (@steveaoki): I can't even begin to translate how I feel. just am so devastated. So fucking devastated. I'm so destroyed by this loss. Everything reminds me of adam. I love u so much my brother. I miss u so much. U r my inspiration. I love you

Singer Adam Levine (@adamlevine): flight attendants should get real. they should say "if some shit goes wrong, were probably gonna die. So don't worry too much about it" Just need to let you all know that my previous message was in NO way related to this incredibly sad rumor that I hope to god isn't true. That was horrible horrible timing and I'd never joke about someone elses passing in such a callous manor.

Musician Travis Barker (@trvsbrkr): Don't know how i am gonna play 2night but i am for AM. My brother is gone.i love u and miss u, i'll never forget all the good times we had. I'll never forget everything we've been thru and every time i play the drums i'll think of you. U were an amazing friend/DJ/human being. Rest In Peace my brother, this really fucks me up. .... http://bit.ly/lHuJw last & favorite show we ever played. Never thought it would've been the last. .... http://bit.ly/rk8i3 My man had the ILLEST shoe collection.

Actor Danny Masterson (@dannymasterson): RIP DJ.AM I love u and am so fucking crushed ur gone

Rapper MC Hammer (@MCHammer): RIP DJ AM - http://is.gd/2FKXo

TV Personality Lala Vasquez (@lalavazquez): Rest in Peace DJ AM...so sad..pls take a moment to reflect on his life...

Musician Diddy (@iamdiddy): DJ AM Rest In Peace...

DJ Diplo (@diplo): Listen up. All u have when u pass away is the relationships u left behind.. Am was still frends to everyone he met . And the king of us djs Here's my last random thoughts on DJ am ... http://bit.ly/aznGx

Producer "AlanTheChemist" (@AlanTheChemist): I love you my brother and u knew cause I told u everytime! We lived 3 lifetimes worth of memories! I'll never forget.

Actress Lindsay Lohan (@sevinnyne6126): i can't believe this.. i'm in shock. why? why? r.i.p. adam.

Director Jon Favreau (@Jon_Favreau): So so sad. @DJ_AM was a blessing to those who knew him. What a sad day.

Actress Alyssa Milano (@Alyssa_Milano): May you rest in peace, Adam. You touched many with your light and will be missed like crazy.

Host Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest): So sad the hear about adam. a very kind and generous guy.

Dr. Drew (@Drdrew): I lack the words to describe my feelings.

ONTD's Boy Crush Mark Ronson (@iamMarkronson): http://twitpic.com/foj0y - forever and ever and a day

Bassist Pete Wentz (@peteWentz): R.I.P. . I'm sorry to loved ones. So unexpected. Tell the people around u that u love them. Randomly. What a tough year

Actor / Director Ashton Kutcher (@APlusK): much love to my boy AM.

Actress Soliel Moon Frye (@MoonFrye): Thank you for bringing so much music and inspiration to peoples lives. Rip Dj Am.

Singer Heidi Montag (@heidiMontag): my thoughts and prayers are with DJ AM's family and friends.

Actress / Model Shanna Moakler (@ShannaMoakler): My deepest condolences for DJ AM, you were a great artist and will be severely missed. My thoughts and Prayers to his family and friends. My support and love goes out to Travis as I know how hard this is for him and how close they were.

Lindsay Lohan's Girlfriend- Samantha Ronson (@samantharonson): I still don't have the words

Rapper / Product Jermaine Dupri (@LTLline): RIP MY MAN DJ AM I CANT BELIEVE THIS.

Musician Hunter Burgan (@TranquilMammoth): Whoa...DJ AM? Really? RIP

Internet Celebrity Cory Kennedy (@Cory_Kennedy): this is beyond. im just. i dont know. just woke up. nothing but adam on my mind.

Photographer The CobraSnake (@thecobrasnake): been crying all night. dj am was such an amazing person. im really going to miss him. this is extremely upsetting . you will always be loved

Designer Chrissie Miller (@chrissiemiller): miss you and love you adam. Watch out for me. You are soooooo loved x x x x ... http://twitpic.com/fswrp - just found this photo of adam wearing a tshirt i gave him with @nicolerichie I'm just so sad

Businessman / Madonna's Manager Guy Oseary (@guyoseary): DJ AM- You sent me a message a few days ago about going to Israel. When I get there I will think of you and pray for you. God bless you. RIP

ONTD Favorite Emmy Rossum (@Emmyrossum): RIP AM ... You were loved and respected and will be missed

"Wizards of Waverly Place" Actor David Henrie (@David_Henrie): DJ AM!!? No f***king way. I was shaking his hand like two weeks ago praising him.

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