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Beautiful princess Shelley Duvall is legit nutso :(

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Friends and neighbors are coming forward about the mental state of Shelley Duvall, who co-starred opposite Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" and Robin Williams in "Popeye."

Several Blanco, Texas residents have voiced their concerns for the actress because she spends night after night patrolling her backyard, convinced her home is a portal for aliens.

One local told the Globe, "Shelley is such a tragic soul. I feel terrible for her and wish someone could step in and do something. She desperately needs help."

Many have spotted the 60-year-old Duvall, who hasn't acted since 2002, flashing her car lights in a bid to communicate with extra-terrestrials and "wandering around town... looking disheveled, strange and totally crazy."

Another local said, "She mutters to herself and talks about aliens living in her body."

And a local hardware supplier added, "One time she came in and asked for dirt and boards to block up a hole in her backyard because, she said, 'That's a portal into another dimension. That's where the aliens are coming in.'"


I loved her a lot when I was little, "Popeye" and "Casper Meets Wendy" were my favourites. So if it's true, this really makes me sad.

But for the record~ this is tabloid stuff so I think she is probably just really eccentric (and awesome), not insane.

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