Small Wonder is coming to DVD early next year!

Brian Ward, one of Shout! Factory DVD's producers wrote on their message board "Oh, all right... Because it's you guys, we'll release it. Expect the first volume sometime early next year."

When asked whether it would just be a volume or an entire season Brian replied...

"It is very early on. Just had our first real creative conversation on it this morning. The DVD will be produced by Kristin Kennedy, a very capable component in the Shout! DVD department, and one of the bigger Small Wonder advocates within the company. Maybe, if I can talk her into it, she'll grace us with her presence on the forum.

As for seasons vs. volume, I just used a generic term. I'd have to actually investigate a little further to tell you for sure, but I'm sure you'll be happy with it.

As for nostalgia vs. quality, we'll certainly see. This is one of those titles that need to be bought by all the fans, because if it doesn't sell, we could abandon future volumes. So tell all your friends and post on all the forums. Small Wonder will hit retail in early '10 and will need your support!"

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