Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris has a fabulous photo spread in this week's Entertainment Weekly (it's the special photo issue). Scans are behind the cut (warning: there's a lot and they're huge). I think she kind of looks like Paris Hilton in the "impersonating a minor" pic.

And some news bits:
  • She recently voiced Cinderella in "Shrek 3," which is still in production. Some of the ladies from SNL voiced the wicked step-sisters.
  • She's not worried about when the "Strangers With Candy" movie will come out but she is confident that it will be released. Worldwide Pants (David Letterman's production company) is still fully behind it, and is shooting for a theatrical release (even though, if nothing else, the movie could go straight to DVD).
  • She was asked to be on "Arrested Development," but had to turn it down because she was too busy with other projects (I'm not sure how long ago this was).
Sources - scans: me; info: Amy Sedaris (last Friday)

PS. Amy's the sweetest person in the world, so anyone who says anything bad about her can expect a vigorous kick in the nuts. ;-D

EDIT: I'd uploaded these to my own web space because there's no bandwith limit, and it apparently decided to crap out on me. So I've re-uploaded the pics to TinyPic. I hope it works better now.
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